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Talisman Theatre's mission is: "to produce professional, English-language premieres of contemporary Quebec plays."

Our engagement is intercultural; working with contemporary issues, we build bridges of commonality between Montrealers, no matter their background.

Our goal is to bring the full experience of contemporary Québec life to Anglophone and allophone communities, while stimulating dialogue between Montreal's cultural minorities and Québec's Francophonie. In this way we provide an innovative solution to a real community need.

Our vision is that by 2025, through the quality of its productions, driven by its mission and nourished by its values:
—Talisman Theatre will be considered a part of Montreal's cultural wellspring.
—Talisman Theatre will become the leading producer of contemporary Québec theatre works in translation.

By 2025, Talisman will have left its mark as a producer of thought-provoking, engaging theatre and will be recognized as a hub where different communities and artists meet and work together to bring about and enjoy inspiring theatre projects.

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