Still Life

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Still Life (2024)

Content Warning / Avertissement de contenu

This production contains depictions of anxiety and sexual violence.

Team / Équipe 

Text / Texte : Marie-Ève Milot and/et Marie-Claude St-Laurent;
Translator / Traduction : Rhiannon Collett;
Director / M-e-s : Emma Tibaldo;
Stage Manager / Régisseure : Julie Brosseau-Doré.


Still life is a brilliant study of a writer struggling with general anxiety disorder. Severely shaken by a panic attack on her birthday, she is bewildered as to the cause--she seems afraid of fear itself!

The-30-Year-Old finds inspiration in the self-portraits Nidaa Badwan took, shut up in a Gazan flat. The-30-Year-Old envies the freedom the photographer found in nine square meters. She vows to leave her apartment only when the time is right. But her thin apartment walls betray her every move. She feels like a rat trapped in a maze.

When she finally steps outside, it is an act of courage. Still life gives voice to those who feel silenced by mental anguish. Through one woman's private torment, we bear witness to the quiet battles being waged in homes everywhere. Those who feel crushed by the weight of their pain may find echoes of their own resilience in her.

Players / Acteurs 

Thirty-year-old : Amelia Sargisson;
Father : Peter Farbridge;
Mother : Cary Lawrence;
Landlord : Vlad Alexis;
Best friend : Qianna MacGilchrist.

Designers / Concepteurs 

Set Design / Décor : Lyne Paquette;
Costume & Props Design / Costumes et des accessoires : Fruzsina Lanyi;
Lighting Design / Lumière : Luci Bazzo;
Sound Design / Son : Jackie Gallant,
Movement Designer / Leslie Baker.